Endothelial Health

Well, I’m a believer that many mental illnesses are the result, via a variety of paths but sharing a common mechanism, of poor vascular health.

Check out the page on the right entitled Endothelial Health. It was written with a view to helping people with Multiple Sclerosis, but I think some of the lifestyle and diet changes would have a similar effect on psychiatric problems.

Most of the stuff is pretty much common sense. Why not consider making some of these changes to your lifetyle; at worst you may get healthier, but I suspect you’ll be surprised at the effect on your mental health.

One note…

As with everything, give it time, don’t exepct miracles overnight. You’ve fed your body with crap for most of your life – that’s an awful long time for your body to recover from.


~ by funnyinthehead on August 4, 2011.

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