The Final Piece of the Jigsaw – Psychosis

I think this could be important.

I was looking in the mirror as my lip had become sore due to an ingrown hair or something, and I was thinking that I had forgotten that in the past when I had become psychotic, it always seemed to be preceded by some kind of weird infection type thing around my lips, kind of like a rash of sorts, or small sores.

Then I started to think about the recent research which suggested that white blood cells were responsible for destroying new neurons produced in the brain (see ).

So, I thought… what if neurogenesis was happening more often, and in more areas, than is thought? In fact the whole concept is still fairly recent. What if, over time, some neurons are constantly destroyed and replaced?

To illustrate the point I’m trying to make, imagine that we each have only 100 dopamine receptors. In a normal person, these operate normally, and the dopamine once used is reuptaken. If some of the neurons which have been created to replace some of these after they die off have been destroyed, the dopamine may not be reuptaken. To make a picture which is easily understood, imagine that there are 100 blobs of dopamine which were acting on those 100 receptors. If white blood cells destroy 60% of the new ones, then there are only 40 receptors, but enough dopamine floating about to ensure that these receptors are constantly excited, and the excess cannot be reuptaken.

Assuming the dopamine hypothesis of psychosis to be correct, would this situation not be dissimilar to the symptoms exhibited during amphetamine psychosis, where reuptake has been inhibited?

Could this explain the fluctuating nature of psychosis, and also periods of remission, once the WBC has lowered and neurogenesis has replaced the missing receptors?

Hmm…  I’ve just woken up, so need to give it more thought.



~ by funnyinthehead on August 18, 2011.

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