If Only I Had The Money….





Thousands of clinical trials have proven the effectiveness of PotenXial.

PotenXial is a placebo. That means it has no active ingredients. Nevertheless, placebos have been found in many cases to be as effective, if not more effective than regular medication.

PotenXial is safe, even for use in children, non addictive and has absolutely no side effects.

PotenXial can be used as an add-on medication to be used with your regular prescription – there are no interactions.

Ask your doctor or pharmacist about PotenXial, and achieve your true potential.


Imagine being told that there was a medication available which would treat your condition at least as effectively as the leading brands; a medication which had been tested as safe in more clinical trials than any other in history; a medication with a side effect profile which is almost non existant, has no physical discontinuation syndrome and which is affordable for everybody in the developed world, without the need for insurance cover.

If I was a large pharm company, and had the balls enough, I’d do it. Hell, I’ve even thought of a name for it, PotenXial. I’ve even thought of a spin off product, assuming this one would be successful – Motiv-8, for those times you need a little helping hand.

It’s no wonder that the large companies are pulling out of research. Spending millions developing drugs which in the past have been approved on the flimsiest evidence (and now are subject to more scrutiny and unikely to slip through) and which are routinely found in trials to be no better than placebo (in fact trials are becoming more and more difficult as the placebo effect is now so powerful – in some studies, placebo outperformed the trial med even though the subjects were told that the medication that they were taking contained no active ingredient whatsoever). Where’s the return? Ten year patent?

All it needs is someone with balls, a huge marketing budget and the distribution network ready and waiting. It could be the biggest thing in the world. Even Boots could do it!

Good luck to anyone if they try it…  try to remember me in your Christmas list after you’ve made your first £100 billion.






~ by funnyinthehead on September 6, 2011.

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