Okay, the third and last crazy idea for tonight, then I really must sleep.

I don’t hear voices like some people with schizophrenia, and I was thinking on the bus yesterday that those voices, or hallucinations, are probably completely unrelated to the content of those hallucinations.

If you consider that a percentage of what we think we see with our eyes is simply created by the brain to fill in the blanks of the shortcomings of our vision (it even inverts the retinal image, for goodness’ sake), then why shouldn’t there be a similar mechanism for hearing. Why not for touch (we’ll leave tactiles for the time being)?

Perhaps the mind creates sounds for all of us…  most of us may get sounds which have been created to suit our environment, or sounds which are either indistinct or blend too well with what we’re used to hearing. In some, though, these “created sounds” could take the form of voices, or at least the part of the brain dealing with hearing interpreting sounds which are not environmental into something which it can understand. Filling in the blanks, just like with vision.


As I said; what these voices “say” is a separate issue, but is this how they are  “heard”?


~ by funnyinthehead on September 13, 2011.

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