Can’t See the Wood for the Trees…..

This is starting to get frustrating. Either I am delusional, or it seems nobody is just able to take a step back and make the connections. The article below was in the news today:

Depression Associated With Increased Risk of Stroke and Stroke-Related Death

A study of 300,000 linked stoke risk with depression. My view is that depression is the result of a vascular abnormality; for simplicity’s sake we’ll say vasoconstriction. We know that narrowed blood vessels can lead to stroke. Surely if the vessels in the brain are narrowed enough to lead to a stroke, then that narrowing could have, if you agree with my hypothesis, been responsible for pre-existing depression. What about depression following a stroke or heart attack, which is quite common? Surely if the vessels had become narrowed enough to the point of triggering a stroke or heart attack, the narrowed vessels could lead to depression following the attack.

I can’t quite understand why it is that people think of one as a risk factor for another; they are comorbid disorders which share a common mechanism. Aren’t they?

Even more news today about the benefits of exercise (resistance as well as aerobic) on depression and cognitive impairment. Get that blood pumping through those clapped out veins, change your diet; see what happens.

See previous post:    Strong Support for the Brain Benefits of Aerobic Activity


~ by funnyinthehead on September 21, 2011.

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