Omega 3, Blood Brain Flow and Boosting Mental Performance

This was in the news today about omega-3 fish oil preventing cognitive decline by increasing brain blood flow:

I’d suggest that the mechanism of action here is not, as has been thought, anything to do with the amino acids being the “building blocks of brain tissue” or othersuch nonsense, but rather via its anti inflammatory action. If you picture a tiny blood vessel with inflamed tissue around it squashing it and decreasing its diameter, it seems to make sense that if you reduce the inflammation you’d reduce the pressure on the vessel and allow the blood to flow more freely. Perhaps aspirin has a similar effect, along with the unfortunate gastrointestinal side effects… who knows?

I’d be interested to find out whether people with mental illnesses consuming fish oil or another anti inflammatory, along with something which has an effect of relaxing blood vessel walls such as l-arginine (precursor to NO) or even beetroot, thought to be a dietary source of nitric oxide which is used by the endothelium  to trigger smooth muscle relaxation and induce vasodilation increasing blood flow, have any reduction in their psychiatric symptoms. I suspect from my own experiences, that they would.


~ by funnyinthehead on October 22, 2011.

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