Daily Smoking Associated with Repeat Depressive Episodes

This report in today….




I’d imagine, based on the ideas I’ve related in earlier posts, that the tendency to depression is caused by the vasoconstrictive effects of smoking. Although smoking may offer some protection from psychosis by stabilizing the blood vessels, albeit in a state of constriction, it also pushes toward depression (though perhaps only in those with abnormal or unhealthy endothelia).

It’s only fairly recently that the duration of the vasoconstrictive effect of smoking became apparent to me (if you smoke, try quitting for 36 hours, and then smoking a cigarette. Notice how your lips (full of tiny blood vessels) feel when you first inhale after this break. Do they turn numb? It’s a very subtle feeling, and not one which you’d notice if you weren’t looking for it. Regular smokers wouldn’t notice that their lips have less sensation, because their regular smoking ensures the blood vessels here are in a constant state of constriction).


~ by funnyinthehead on October 25, 2011.

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