Loss of Brain Tissue

There seems to be at least one news story each week about things which have been found to lead to a loss of brain volume. A few of those include abuse as a child, stress, schizophrenia, smoking cigarettes, alzheimers etc.

It  seems to me that all of those things have something in common, if you look far enough to where the threads converge. They are all linked to reduced blood flow in the brain (in the case of abuse, or indeed any kind of stress or anxiety, norepinephrine release leading to vasoconstriction).

Could it simply be that in some people, vasoconstriction in parts of the brain (I’m convinced that we don’t have identical and uniform circulatory systems, and that things which can trigger a change in blood vessel tone don’t have a systemic effect and can alter it in parts which vary according to the individual to an extent) is leading to simple atrophy, resulting in tissue loss?


~ by funnyinthehead on December 6, 2011.

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