I just saw this in a popular tabloid snoozepaper…

People really don’t realise how much of a powerful vasoconstrictive effect smoking actually has, and how long it lasts.

I don’t remember if I ever spoke of this experiment here, but if you’re a smoker, try this, if you’re able…

Don’t smoke for 36 hours. When you have that first smoke after a break, pay attention to your lips. They go numb! It’s quite a subtle feeling, and you have to be looking for it, but smokers’ lips must be constantly numb from regular smoking, and as it’s the norm, it has stopped feeling alien. It’s noticable in the lips because of the very small blood vessels there – imagine the effect on the tiny vessels in your brain…

I still smoke, by the way, but I think right now might be a good time to quit.






~ by funnyinthehead on December 6, 2011.

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