Some thoughts….

I’ve not written here for a while, though have much to write. Some of it, particularly some new thoughts on co-transmission, will need to crystallize before I attempt to write about them.

Was thinking this morning about the group of symptoms which is currently described as schizophrenia.  Although I believe a common mechanism or abnormality in blood vessels is a probable factor here, I think some of the more common symptoms of schizophrenia are at rather opposite ends of the disorder’s spectrum.

Hallucinations, depression, “negative symptoms” seem to be at one end (most likely vasoconstriction caused) and mania, delusion and paranoia at the other (most likely vasodilation). Strangely, these quite different symptoms are grouped together under one umbrella term, and treated in the same way.  I’d imagine that this serves only to maintain the condition, rather than effectively treat it.

I often hear people say that their doctor has told them that antispsychotic medication won’t rid them of their “voices”, but they would help them to diminish somewhat. I believe that the medication will probably contribute to the hallucinations, but via its vasoconstrictive effect, will treat the delusional aspect of the illness, so that the voices seem less important, and easier to ignore. This could be what makes them think they have diminshed, wheras in fact, they have not changed at all. I’m a believer that the fact that people experience these hallucinations, and the content of those hallucinations, are an entirely different matter.

Anyway, stuff to do now. Will try to write more about it later, too much of a hurry now.








~ by funnyinthehead on February 12, 2012.

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