Got it!!

I had a revelation this morning which could change the way we think about how the brain works forever.

I’d been thinking for a while about the role of serotonin in gating blood flow within the brain, but was quite unsure of the role of dopamine.

This morning, it just hit me, and it explains everything, heheh…..

These neurotransmitters are not, as awkward current thinking suggests, directly responsible for emotion, perception etc, but rather they control blood flow to the structures of the brain that are responsible. How it works from there is another matter, and not understood by me at the moment (perhaps oxygen or glucose? no idea).


Serotonin facilitates dilation of blood vessels.

Dopamine facilitates constriction of blood vessels.

There we have it: The on/off switching system.

Simple, eh?



~ by funnyinthehead on June 12, 2012.

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