They Can’t See The Wood For The Trees….

There have been a spate of articles in the popular press this week, what with Christmas coming up, based on a study which seems to suggest that smoking cigarettes worsens a hangover. As usual, they come up with nonsense like “nobody knows why, but one theory is that cigarettes release the feel-good chemical dopamine which blah blah blah…”.  What absolute bullshit.

I’ll reveal the real reason that smoking, especially for occasional smokers, worsens a hangover.

As I wrote recently, alcohol causes the blood vessels in our circulatory system to expand, contract on rebound, and dilate again on rebound. It is probably this last rebound which causes the headache associated with a hangover.

Smoking a cigarette causes vasoconstriction, which will probably last the best part of 10-12 hours before wearing off. Once it wears off (during the morning after),  the blood vessels in the brain dilate, which accompanied by the rebound dilation from the final phase of the effects of the alcohol, combine to give you the headache from hell.

No neurotransmitter red-herring nonsense. Just a simple mechanism. Stop trying to complicate matters, heheh….



~ by funnyinthehead on December 17, 2012.

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