Blood Sugar

I haven’t really looked into or researched this yet, so these are just early thoughts…

I had noticed that when I eat a bag of candy, I tend to fall asleep soon afterwards. In fact, after a big bag (I have a very sweet tooth), it can be like being knocked out by a sledgehammer, and I struggle to wake up or come round properly for an hour or so. I mentioned this to the GP, and he said that after we eat something sugary our body releases insulin, and it’s probably the insulin which is causing the sleepiness/sedation.

It made me wonder about a possible mechanism of action for anti psychotics.  Most of them, it seems, have the potential to elevate blood sugar levels, and even to trigger diabetes. Is it possible that the sedation caused by anti psychotics is as a result of them raising blood sugar and the subsequent release of insulin? People are often advised to drink very sweet tea when in a state of shock; is this the same calming mechanism in action? Would it work for anxiety? Do those who drink alcohol to relieve their schizophrenia symptoms experience any relief merely due to the alcohol raising blood sugar levels triggering insulin release?

I’d like to investigate this further…


~ by funnyinthehead on July 10, 2013.

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